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Large detached house

Set your plans in stone

Improve your home with the experts from B&D Roofing and Building Ltd. We give a personalised service that provides quality through traditional and eco friendly methods, without breaking the bank.

Good for you and your home, good for the environment

At B&D Roofing and Building, we aim to offer a personalised building service that is second to none. We specialise in a variety of traditional building methods such as lime mortar rough casting and stone masonry and use them to a quality, modern standard.

When choosing our professional and traditional building services, you’re not only ensuring that your house receive a quality finish that will last for years to come, but you’ll also be helping the environment at the same time.

Whatever your building needs, be it stone masonry or lime pointing, B&D Roofing and Building can help.

Stone Masonry
Maintain your home’s authentic appearance with our professional stone masonry service that uses only the most trusted traditional building methods.

Lime Pointing
Use lime mortar on your brick work with our lime pointing and repointing service that looks great and is environmentally responsible.

Rough Casting
External lime mortar plastering that adds a touch of tradition and quality to your home.

A trowel and mortar

Modern building, traditional methods. Call B & D Roofing and Building today on 0800 294 3696